Disaggregation model for the space-time disaggregation of rainfall and temperature (S-MOF)

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S-MOF is a scientific tool for the disaggregation of daily into hourly values in space and time for precipitation and temperature. The tool can be seen as the spatial interpretation of the univariate method of fragments (MOF), which has been proposed for precipitation (Mehrotra et al., 2012; Sharma and Srikanthan, 2006; Westra et al., 2012).

Similar tools for space-time disaggregation have been presented by Mezghani and Hingray (2009) or Qin and Lu (2014) The code in the version 0.1. disaggregates precipitation and temperature separately. In the related journal article (Breinl, K. & Di Baldassarre, G. (2019) a joint disaggregation (i.e. same day is used for the disaggregation of precipitation and temperature) was also applied for demonstration purposes.

As the joint disaggregation turned out to be less performant, it has not yet been uploaded to github. If users still want to apply a joint disaggregation, please get in touch with us for the code. If only temperature or precipitation need to be disaggregated, the related parts in the code need to be commented out (not automatized yet).